About Me


I'm Emily Craig 25 years old from Melbourne.

Growing up I was never into health and fitness. I used to forge notes in school to get out of P.E class and I ate fast food A LOT! I was so unhealthy and I didn't even realise it. I was never overweight but I definitely had that 'skinny fat' look and held a lot in my stomach area. I used to skip breakfast and binge on junk food. It wasn't until I reached my final year in high school and had to focus on my studies that I stopped dancing and cheerleading and decided to join a gym. Little did I know that fitness was about to become a huge part of my life! 

“Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now.” 

I love this saying. It applies to any profession or hobby you want to pursue in life. A lot of people don't know what they're capable of because they never start and are scared to fail. In the beginning, I knew absolutely nothing about training or nutrition. I used to run on the treadmill and do crunches every time I went to the gym. I was scared to lift weights as I thought I would get bulky. I ate poorly and would wonder why I didn't see results. The more I researched and connected with other people in the fitness industry the more knowledge I gained and was able to apply it to my training.

Some of you may know me from channel 7's reality TV show 'Beauty & the Geek' where I won season 5 in 2013.

While we were filming I was always known as the 'sporty one' and took the other contestants through workout sessions in our free time. After finishing the filming I had 3 months until it was going to air and decided I wanted to compete in a bikini competition and dedicated those 3 months to prep for it. In October 2013 I did the ANB Victorian Championships and managed to walk away with 1st place. I was over the moon and noticed more people were coming to me for fitness advice. That's when I thought to myself 'I want to do this as a job!' So I enrolled in a Personal Training course. Since then I have competed in 9 shows in total and have managed to place in each one. 


I have worked as a PT for 3 years now and absolutely love seeing my clients smash their goals and create their dream physique.

It's important to educate others the importance or nutrition and not to restrict yourself as it can be detrimental to your body. Lifting weights will not make you fat or bulky. In fact, if done correctly you can build muscle tone AND shed fat.

With proper training and nutrition programs, I would love to help you change your life for the better. Achieve the body you've always wanted TODAY!